3 easy ways to start your naturally sus(tainable) life

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Shirt by Reformation. Jeans by Madewell (who will give you $20 off your next denim purchase if you give them an old pair of jeans to recycle!)

Hi everyone! Welcome to naturally sus, a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing content and resources to live a naturally sustainable life relating to fashion, food, beauty, health, and more. I started this blog for people who experience ecoguilt and find environmental jargon confusing and overwhelming. People who feel like being environmentally conscious is another layer of responsibility that burdens their lifestyle. People who are already stressed out about the political situation we’re in and can’t tack on another issue on to their agenda.

 “I’m fighting for women’s rights, working a full-time job, hosting a dinner party on Saturday, and kickboxing on Sunday morning. AND I have to feel bad if I accidentally throw my bottle of Diet Coke in the trash instead of the recycling bin? It’s all too much!”

I totally get it, but I’m here to help and give you resources to make natural and sustainable decisions that you can slowly incorporate into your lifestyle. Real change doesn’t happen until people start to actually care and reevaluate their habits and actions first.  It’s very hard to be perfect when it comes to “protecting the planet,” but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start the conversation and try our best. Your change can start right now and it can make a lasting impact for years to come.

Sustainable means, “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” Whatever your lifestyle is, we can all strive to be more sustainable.

Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be lazy. I’ll be here to help you along the way. You can get started with these three really, really, REALLY easy suggestions below:

  1. Have a designated bottle: Just like a designated driver, this bottle is going to keep you in check and make sure you don’t buy even more unnecessary plastic bottles. Whether it’s a sleek S’well bottle, a bubbly Bkr bottle, or even a versatile VOSS bottle that you can’t throw away because it’s like the Ryan Gosling of branded bottled water, make this bottle your best friend and take it with you everywhere!
  2. Separate your trash and recycling: Think of your trash and recyclables as enemies because bad things will happen if they’re together, but at the same time, you should keep your enemies close. Whether it’s a paper shopping bag, a box that says “RECYLE” in sharpie, or a cute bin that doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of your beautiful kitchen, keep it in close proximity to your trash can as a visual reminder to recycle plastics and paper.
  3. Ditch the daily coffee shop coffee: This one’s probably the hardest habit to kick for habitual caffeine addicts, but think of the money you’ll save! Getting your coffee in the morning should be a pleasant experience, but most of the time you’re in a rush and the barista still can’t spell your name correctly. About 60 million paper coffee cups end up in landfills every year. That’s crazy. Next time, make a cup of coffee at home or at the office or have a relaxed coffee date at your local shop so you can Instagram that #latteart!

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