naturally sus finds – May 2018

sus - May finds collageEeek, I’m late with my May sus finds, but I think it kind of works out because some of my topics relate to June? Late is still late – got it.

May’s theme is all about single-use plastic like coffee cups and bags. While I’m always thinking about this subject, this month in particular was quite frequent in news stories about cities (including mine!) making governmental strides to ban single-use plastic. I hope we can continue moving in this direction so that it becomes the norm and we can say bye to non-recyclable disposables forever!

  1. Instagram: @responsiblecafes – A community based in Australia spreading the word disposable coffee cup waste. On their site, you’ll find a growing list of 3,500 cafes that accept reusable mugs. Australia alone throws out 1 billion coffee cups a year. And that’s only one continent. Does something like this exist in the U.S.?! If not, can someone create this with me?
  2. Product: @mybyta – I’ve featured byta on here before, but I’m giving them another shout out this month because they’re starting a 30-day challenge of no disposable cups or bottles. Join this challenge with me! Bring your own cup at the coffee shop, or if you’re not on-the-go, ask them to put it in their own mug. I think NYC coffee shops are so used to people being on to the next place, that they automatically pour all coffee/drinks in disposable cups. If I see mugs stacked on top of the espresso machine, I’m asking them to put it in a mug. It’s not weird! Let’s break the habit.
  3. News: New Jersey Shore Town Bans Plastic Straws, Plastic Bags, and Styrofoam Containers – So many straws end up in the ocean causing harm to the ocean and all who inhabit it. Those who call the beach their home see first-hand the effects of disposable plastic. I hope this one town can set the example for all the other beach towns along the coasts.
  4. Double Dose of News: New Yorkers, Call Governor Cuomo to ban single-use plastic on June 6th! Governor Cuomo did not pass this bill when it was introduced by Mayor de Blasio last year because it also included a small fee for those wanted to get a bag. (Trust that I wrote him emails and called his office then because I was very upset it did not pass.) Now he’s all for banning the single-use bags, but still hasn’t taken a stance on implementing a fee. The fee is important in order to create a culture of making it normal to use reusable bags all the time. If calling is not your thing, please show support in other ways by telling your network, posting on social media, etc.

naturally sus finds – April 2018

sus - april finds collage

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in NYC and I made it just in time for my April finds!

  1. Instagram: @stevieyaaaay – I literally found this Instagram last week and I’m already hooked. I love finding other eco-conscious/zero-waste bloggers/influencers based in NYC. People often tell me that no one cares about the environment in NYC and while it does disappoint me to hear that and to see all the garbage on our streets to confirm that, it’s people like Stevie who make a difference and show it’s possible to live eco-consciously here.
  2. Product: HealthAde Upcycled Candles – I love HealthAde kombucha, especially their bottles. I save most of them in case I find other ways to reuse them. They’re upcycling their own bottles and making them into candles, which I think is the cutest thing ever. It just goes to show how you can care about sustainability as a business, no matter what you sell.
  3. Business: Good Home Co. – Your one stop shop for all natural products for your home – laundry detergent, dish soap, candles, etc. My favorite are the candles. I love that they come in an unlabeled amber jar and are made from soy wax.
  4. News: Beauty Brands and Packaging – So many more beauty brands are being conscious about their packaging. Whether it’s setting goals to be completely zero-waste or offering incentives to customers to reuse/recycle their packaging, it’s becoming more popular for beauty brands to consider the planet as a stakeholder.

naturally sus finds – March 2018

sus - march finds collage

Ok so I lied, turns out March was incredibly busy again, but I’m still coming through with my monthly web finds!

  1. Instagram: @greenmatters – this account features images with a headline or one-line fact about news across all topics in sustainability. From wind farms to plastic-free biodegradable pregnancy tests, this account is a testament to how sustainability affects everyone.
  2. Product: o.b. tampons – What applicator? These tampons are applicator free, which means an average of 240 plastic applicators per person every year could be saved from the landfills. Bonus points: they’re giving out a FREE 18-count sample if you sign up here.
  3. Business: RECO BKLYN – I’m obsessed with wood furniture. RECO BKLYN creates custom and live edge slab furniture with reclaimed wood from fallen trees in NYC waste streams. Now, time to save up for a beautiful wood dining table…
  4. News: Meet SoFi, “Sophie” the Fishoid – First we had Sophia, the humanoid, now we have Sophie, a robotic fish that swims in the ocean to better understand marine life and how it’s being threatened by human activity and climate change. I hope it doesn’t get eaten by a shark, but they disagree.

naturally sus finds – February 2018

Sus - Feb Finds Collage

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I was sick for two weeks and I was also working on a separate writing project that ate up a lot of my time. March will be a calmer month for me, so I’m hoping I can catch up then because I have a lot of things to share! I didn’t want to skimp out on my sus finds for February though, so here are a few of my favorites from the month:

  1. Instagram: @alison__wu – Alison Wu’s Instagram is just another dreamy space to get lost in. She is the queen of photogenic layered smoothies and healthy living. Every time I visit her feed or website, it just radiates positive and peaceful energy.
  2. Product: Jenga Ocean – This came out a while ago, but I only just heard about it earlier this month! Jenga’s collaboration with Bureo, a designer and manufacturer of skateboards made of recycled fishing nets, came together to create Jenga Ocean, the classic game made of the same material.
  3. Business: Avani Eco – B2B company based in Bali that creates sustainable food packaging and hospitality products. Think plastic utensils, plastic salad bowls and Styrofoam trays. They instead, use renewable resources to create disposable packaging that can be composted or biodegradable.
  4. News: Household Products Causing Air Pollution – An interesting and eye-opening article about how our common household products can affect our air quality, and thus, our health.

naturally sus finds – January 2018

Each month I’ll share my favorite sustainability-related finds from the internet.

sus - january 2018

  1. Instagram: @urbanjungleblog – for all plant lovers and those who aspire to have a greener thumb, this account will make you want to buy more plants all the time.
  2. Product: Klei Beauty – handmade, 100% natural, small-batch face masks and scrubs made by my friend, Valerie from college. I love supporting friends and their projects, especially if they also care about sustainability ;). Plus, the packaging will make you want to have a photoshoot in your bathroom of your #selfcaresunday.
  3. Pop Culture: Ginny Weasley is an eco-activist too – I don’t keep up with a lot of celebrities, but I love when they use their huge following as a platform to share important topics. Bonnie Wright, the actress who plays Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, shares her tips for saving the environment. Who else thinks her and Emma Watson should team up for a reunion to make an even greater impact together?!
  4. News: China’s major reforestation project – China is known for being a major polluter, but they’re trying to combat that by planting new forests the size of Ireland this year.