naturally sus finds – May 2018

sus - May finds collageEeek, I’m late with my May sus finds, but I think it kind of works out because some of my topics relate to June? Late is still late – got it.

May’s theme is all about single-use plastic like coffee cups and bags. While I’m always thinking about this subject, this month in particular was quite frequent in news stories about cities (including mine!) making governmental strides to ban single-use plastic. I hope we can continue moving in this direction so that it becomes the norm and we can say bye to non-recyclable disposables forever!

  1. Instagram: @responsiblecafes – A community based in Australia spreading the word disposable coffee cup waste. On their site, you’ll find a growing list of 3,500 cafes that accept reusable mugs. Australia alone throws out 1 billion coffee cups a year. And that’s only one continent. Does something like this exist in the U.S.?! If not, can someone create this with me?
  2. Product: @mybyta – I’ve featured byta on here before, but I’m giving them another shout out this month because they’re starting a 30-day challenge of no disposable cups or bottles. Join this challenge with me! Bring your own cup at the coffee shop, or if you’re not on-the-go, ask them to put it in their own mug. I think NYC coffee shops are so used to people being on to the next place, that they automatically pour all coffee/drinks in disposable cups. If I see mugs stacked on top of the espresso machine, I’m asking them to put it in a mug. It’s not weird! Let’s break the habit.
  3. News: New Jersey Shore Town Bans Plastic Straws, Plastic Bags, and Styrofoam Containers – So many straws end up in the ocean causing harm to the ocean and all who inhabit it. Those who call the beach their home see first-hand the effects of disposable plastic. I hope this one town can set the example for all the other beach towns along the coasts.
  4. Double Dose of News: New Yorkers, Call Governor Cuomo to ban single-use plastic on June 6th! Governor Cuomo did not pass this bill when it was introduced by Mayor de Blasio last year because it also included a small fee for those wanted to get a bag. (Trust that I wrote him emails and called his office then because I was very upset it did not pass.) Now he’s all for banning the single-use bags, but still hasn’t taken a stance on implementing a fee. The fee is important in order to create a culture of making it normal to use reusable bags all the time. If calling is not your thing, please show support in other ways by telling your network, posting on social media, etc.